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Candles & Cocktails: Choco Art Magnac

Let me start off by saying I absolutely enjoyed Bake & Burn. Baking what I was burning (not burning what I was baking) was so much fun and I wanted to do another like it. So, welcome to Candles & Cocktails! In this article, the focus will be on chocolate and cocktails – one of the finer pairings out there, if you ask me. 

I’ll be using a chocolate-scented candle for this session of Candles & Cocktails. Now this might come as a surprise because you may know that I tend to shy away from food-scented candles, especially sweet ones as their fragrances tend to be a bit too sugary and therefore artificial. However, I had to make an exception this time and you’ll soon find out why… 

The Candle: Choco Art Magnac 

Enter Choco Art Magnac by Amanda de Montal. I looove this candle – I’ve gone through 2 already! Amanda de Montal perfectly captures and balances the essence of sexy and sweet. Together with chocolate maker Jean-Paul Hevin, they’ve merged the finest notes of chocolate with the fragrance of Armagnac 2010 brandy. As soon as I light it, I’m immediately captivated and I don’t want it to end. The fragrance is amazing! Instead of being too sugary you’re greeted with the aroma of luxurious dark chocolate. Very few candle makers are able to get the sweetness levels right but Amanda has got it down to an art form. High-end perfection. 

The scent of brandy isn’t heavy at all. Instead, it elevates this chocolate-scented candle. Makes it more masculine. Cozy. Warm. 

The Cocktail: Chocolate Rum and Raisin 

The best way to pair a chocolate-scented candle or food-scented candles in general is to match the food item (or complementary ingredient) in the food or drink you’re making. In this case I chose chocolate rum and raisin. Why? Because having the aroma of chocolate and alcohol in the air and on your tongue creates a perfect balance. 

Here’s what you need for the cocktail: 

  • ½ shot of Equiano rum (I love this rum, it’s 100% natural with no added sugar or flavorings to mess with what we’re trying to achieve here) 
  • ¾ shot caramel toffee
  • ½ Martini Rosso sweet vermouth 
  • ¼ shot brown creme de cacao 
  • 1/12 shot sherry 
  • 5 drops chocolate bitters 

To make, stir all the ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass. That’s it! Gotta love simple recipes. 

Chocolate-Scented Candles & Cocktails: When to Serve 

Having a relaxing night in? Choco Art Magnac with your chocolate-flavored cocktail of choice makes for the perfect wind down after a hectic day or as a nightcap. I mean, chocolate is the holy grail of pick-me-ups! Sounds like my kinda me-time. 

Another great time to experience this combination is when you’re hosting a cocktail hour. Eating what you’re burning enhances the flavor of what you’re eating or drinking and it would be a great treat for your guests. Serve it with some pieces of dark chocolate, nuts, and fruit and you’ve got yourself a sensory delight.  

Candles & Cocktails: A Sensory Experience 

I love when two things, great on their own, combine perfectly to make one amazing experience. This chocolate-scented candle and chocolate cocktail combo is uncomplicated,  yet super sophisticated, and, of course, delicious! Choco Art Magnac is certainly one of a kind. 

P.S. If you read my Spring Favorites then you know about the promo code on Amanda de Montal – use the code WELLBOXED10 to get 10% off + free shipping on orders over €70.


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