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NEST: Apricot Tea

Apricot Tea

Wax Type: Soy blend

Burn Time: 8.1oz 60 hours / 2.4 oz 20 hours

Throw: Strong

Notes: English apricot, black tea leaves, bergamot, and golden amber

Room Recommendation: Living Room and bedroom

The newest addition to NEST’s phenomenal home fragrance collection, NEST’s Apricot Tea candle offers a delicious blend of English apricot wrapped in black tea leaves with hints of bergamot and golden amber. With a juicy aroma that is both sweet and fruity, Apricot Tea is even more fantastic than it sounds.

Its strong fragrance fills a room in mere minutes, but the best part about this candle is that you can smell it even when it’s not lit! The candle is much more scintillating when burning, offering a delightful warm apricot aroma with hints of amber. As with all NEST candles, Apricot Tea burns its soy wax blend evenly and beautifully.

If I could describe this candle in one word, it would be love. If love had a fragrance, it would smell like NEST’s Apricot Tea candle, leaving me feeling relaxed, happy, and inspired. If love had a look, it would be as stunning as this candle’s gorgeous glass vessel, available in three different sizes. I plan on burning this lovely addition to my collection in my living room and bedroom.


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  • Jenn Pacumio
    April 23, 2016 at 2:43 am

    Beautiful photos and descriptions. I absolutely love your instagram! Always look forward to seeing your photos, this website is the icing on the cake AND ice cream on the side!
    Continue to live in the light girl!
    Your biggest fan

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