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Candles & Cocktails: Choco Art Magnac

Let me start off by saying I absolutely enjoyed Bake & Burn. Baking what I was burning (not burning what I was baking) was so much fun and I wanted to do another like it. So, welcome to Candles & Cocktails! In this article, the focus will be on chocolate and cocktails – one of the finer pairings out there, if you ask me.  I’ll be using a chocolate-scented candle for this session of Candles & Cocktails. Now this might…

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Spring Favorites: 5 Must-Have Floral-Scented Candles

Spring is here and nothing says spring quite like florals. Not only are they fragrant but they’re visually stimulating too. They offer variety and do an amazing job of uplifting your mood. What’s the next best thing to a fresh bouquet? Floral-scented candles! To kickoff the season I’ve compiled my list of this year’s 5 must-have floral-scented candles. Plus promo codes! Floral-Scented Candles: Spring Must-Haves  1. Lys Magicus by Amanda de Montal  Lys Magicus embodies floral – I love it!…

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