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TOCCA: Cleopatra


Wax Type: Vegetable/paraffin wax blend

Burn Time: 60 hours

Throw: Medium

Notes: Fresh cucumber and sweet grapefruit

Room Recommendation: Living Room and Office

Price: $54.00

Inspired by the ingredients used in Cleopatra VII’s beauty rituals, this cucumber and sweet grapefruit scented candle is the epitome of femininity. With a crisp and girly fragrance, TOCCA’s Cleopatra is the perfect cure for a dreary Monday. Packed in a gorgeous, round, plum-colored box with gold details, Cleopatra is a great ornament to brighten up a humdrum office.

Cleopatra’s aroma of fresh cut cucumbers with sweet undertones is a wonderful daytime scent. Its unique fragrance of delicious, refreshing cucumber combined with sweet, juicy grapefruit keeps me alert, focused, and in a positive mindset. I love burning this scent in my living room and office to project a subtle air of feminine authority.

A prim, proper, ladylike candle, TOCCA’s Cleopatra is the perfect gift for celebrating a new job, big move, or other success.


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