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Room By Room: Kitchen

As every room has a mood and a color scheme, so too should each room in your home have its own distinct scent. Imagine an ideal experience in each room, such as a refreshing shower or a fantastic night’s sleep, and find scents that remind you of those times. Is it an active or a resting room? Is the room fresh and clean or messy and fun? Does the room lead to concentration or contemplation?

In this series I will share some ideas for arranging your candles to match an ideal version of each space in your home. By following these simple suggestions, you can maximize creativity, productivity, and joy.


Imagine a close friend or your grandmother joyfully baking in her kitchen. What would that smell like? The kitchen is a great place for utilizing food-scented candles, especially those associated with scents that have good memories for you, such as chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon, or apples. The great thing about these food scents is that they can vary greatly depending on the season, from pumpkins in the fall to lemons in the spring.


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