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Valentine’s Day: Floral Arrangements + Candles

There are as many varieties of women (and men!) as there are flowers in the world, so why not pick a more unique flower for your love this Valentine’s Day? And what better way to keep the feeling going all year long than with a luxury candle to prolong the heady fragrance of your bouquet?

To keep my celebration of Valentine’s season going, I’ve designed four gorgeous bouquets featuring some of the more romantic, meaningful, and fragrant flowers out there, along with fabulous candles that feature these same idyllic scents. Whatever emotions you’re hoping to strike in your beloved, I’ve got a flower for you!

Light Pink Tulips: Happiness and Confidence

Candle Suggestion: Fleur Fantôme By Byredo

Show just how happy and confident your significant other makes you with a bouquet of light pink tulips. Cute, fresh, and fragrant, this shade of tulip is perfect for long-term relationships and the lady who exudes self-respect. Send your significant other the right message about how special, smart, and sassy they are with these delightful flowers.

Inspired by the meaning of these lovely blooms, Byredo’s Fleur Fantôme captures their essence in a gorgeous deep purple, mouth-blown glass vessel. Combining pink tulip with rhubarb, lemon petitgrain leaves, and violet leaves, Fleur Fantôme will keep the joy and romance going well past Valentine’s Day.Pink Sonata Lilies: Humility and Devotion

Candle Suggestion: Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily

Vibrant and exotic, a pink sonata lily says, “you’re one in a million.” Display your everlasting devotion to the love of your life with these beautiful blossoms. While these large, striking flowers often appear in Easter bouquets, they’re actually a great fit for Valentine’s day with their rich pink hues.

Jo Malone’s Dark Amber and Ginger Lily luxury candle is the perfect complement to a pink sonata bouquet. Along with notes of lily float hints of amber and black orchid, a truly original blend that comes in a gorgeous signature Jo Malone box complete with a classic black ribbon!White Calla Lilies: Purity and Innocence

Candle Suggestion: Kali Botanika by Dayna Decker

Pure white calla lilies are far more platonic than some of their floral counterparts. Choose these buds to share with a good friend or family member to show them how amazing and loved they are. Or gift them to a new crush to express your admiration for their beauty and grace!

Keep the feeling going with the fresh and vibrant Kali Botanika candle by Dayna Decker. Capturing the wonder of the outdoors with additional notes of gardenia, muguet, ylang ylang, coconut, oakmoss, and musk, this complex scent mirrors nature’s beauty while exuding warmth.Pink Ranunculus: Charm and Attractiveness

Candle Suggestion: Tuscan Fig by Lumira

Flirty and charming, the pink ranunculus is perfect for letting the object of your affection know how crazy you are about them. If you’ve had your eye on someone for a while, pink ranunculi are the perfect flower to take you from secret admirer to new love interest. Nothing makes courting a classy lady (or gent) easier than showing up with the exquisite and equally playful pink ranunculus!

Turn up the heat even more with the delicious Tuscan Fig luxury candle from Lumira. Along with notes of pink ranunculus come hints of fig leaf, fig tree, blackcurrant, and cedarwood. This complex but alluring fragrance will all but ensure that romance blossoms.

A Flower for Every Valentine

As Gertrude Stein once wrote, “a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” This Valentine’s Day, try a fresh take on florals with these flower and candle pairings, and deliver a delightful surprise to your valentine this February 14th!

Photo: Pink Ranunculus

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