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Newsletter: February


Valentine’s Day might be over, but the seduction continues! We’ve had an exciting month jam-packed with some of the SEXIEST content I’ve ever written—and I’ve written a LOT! I wanted to share some of the highlights from the month of love just in case you missed anything.

Luxury Candles Inspired by Classic Seductresses: Parts I & II

That’s right, there were so many amazing seductress-inspired candles that I had to split it into two posts. From Cleopatra to Josephine Baker to Shakespeare’s Juliet, these femme-themed candles are gorgeous and inspiring! Read more.

Victoria Cator’s Casablanca

Featuring the floral headliner in designer Victoria Cator’s debut collection: Casablanca. Its idyllic summertime fragrance is matched by a stunning vessel and twin wicks. Read more.

The Life of Oud: A Love Story

The fascinating story behind this coveted, rare fragrance—and the reasons for my undeniable love affair with Oud! Read more.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more excitement coming very soon!

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