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Newsletter: February

February Valentine’s Day might be over, but the seduction continues! We’ve had an exciting month jam-packed with some of the SEXIEST content I’ve ever written—and I’ve written a LOT! I wanted to share some of the highlights from the month of love just in case you missed anything. Luxury Candles Inspired by Classic Seductresses: Parts I & II That’s right, there were so many amazing seductress-inspired candles that I had to split it into two posts. From Cleopatra to Josephine…

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9 In Candle Review

Luxury Candles Inspired by Classic Seductresses: Part II

I’m excited to continue my series on luxury candles inspired by classic seductresses—there was such a range of home fragrances honoring these iconic women that I couldn’t fit them all into a single article! Whether you’re taking a bath and basking in Marie Antoinette’s classic fragrance or breathing in the timeless aroma of roses, these gorgeous scents will leave any woman feeling irresistible. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by emulating these fascinating female…

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12 In Candle Review

Luxury Candles Inspired by Classic Seductresses: Part I

Is it just me, or does that sexy, irresistible seductress from your favorite film or novel often get a bad rap? After all, is it really her fault that she’s so charming, so witty, and so beautiful as to make men trip over themselves trying to win her praise? Inspired by some of the most famous women from history and literature, candle makers have even crafted idyllic fragrances in their honor, penning their own “love poems” to these unforgettable women…

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