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Acqua di Parma: Colonia


Burn Time: 30 hours

Throw: Medium

Notes: Spicy citrus blend with hints of jasmine, amber, and white musk

Room Recommendation: Living room, bedroom, and bathroom

Price: $83.00

Acqua di Parma’s Colonia is the perfect candle to commemorate the brand’s 100th anniversary which it celebrates this year. Its classic light fragrance is truly timeless, embodying the high quality and fine craftsmanship that has ensured Acqua di Parma’s enduring legacy since its birth in 1916.

Colonia offers an even, welcoming burn reminiscent of the warm Italian sun. When I take in this scent, I love to imagine myself in Parma, the brand’s historic birthplace. I can just picture myself enjoying the city’s famous architecture while I breathe in the scents of citrus, musk, and fresh linen carried on the soft Mediterranean breeze.

Fresh and light, Colonia’s notes of amber and white musk exude a warm and inviting fragrance perfect for an entryway. Even the coat of arms on its satin vessel feels like a welcome invitation to rest after a long day—as though I am just checking in to a sumptuous hotel for a fabulous stay abroad.

With an enduring sense of style and impeccable artisanship, Acqua di Parma effortlessly embodies the longevity of its namesake, Parma. Burn the Colonia candle and feel transported to the sights and smells of old world Italy—an ambiance so classic it never goes out of style.


Photography | Martina Micko

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