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Twisted Lily Edit: A Woody Winter Wonderland

It’s cold outside and we’re stuck indoors. It can feel a bit stifling, but the perfect winter fragrances from just the right candles can make even the grayest day brighter! 

During this time of year, I love heavy, woody fragrances—think cedarwood—because they bring all the cozy feels into a room. They spark memories of being outside and “walkin’ in a winter wonderlaaaand.” I guess there’s just something about the scent of wood. After all, it has been a part of human civilization for centuries. The childhood memories these woody notes evoke are therefore more comforting, wholesome, and go a lot deeper than we probably realize. 

Here are 4 beautiful candles with winter fragrances to warm you up! Plus a promo code!

1. Gold Pattern – Square Candle by Keith Haring 

Fragrance: Raspberry 

Let’s kick things off with this fruit-scented candle. 

“Hey, Naadine, I thought you said woody winter fragrances?” I did, but I’ll explain in a bit why this one makes the list. I love Keith Haring’s work—he’s a fantastic artist with a signature style. This candle features his iconic patterns and, if anything, it’s just great to look at. To me, the fruity aroma is just so wintery. Unlike other fruity scents which tend to be brighter, sweeter, and fresher, this candle has a warm undertone. The scent is strong and fills the room quickly with a warm, cozy, yet fruity fragrance. It might not be your typical winter candle but once you light it you’ll find that it works great for this season. Give it a try! Be inspired by the artist and step out of the box. 

2. Blue Candle 

Fragrance: Amber and Wood 

I love the playfulness of this candle. The blue vessel features artwork—almost childlike in nature—that tells a unique story. The woody fragrance was created to honor Jean-Michel Basquiat, the artist of these images. The aroma is light yet permeating and the amber adds to the warm notes it brings. If you’re looking for winter fragrances that aren’t overpowering, this one should be on your list. 

3. Au17 Scented Candle by Maison Francis Kurkdjian 

Fragrance: Japanese Incense and Firewood

Now we’re really getting into the heavier woody winter fragrances. The notes of Japanese incense definitely come through and give the impression that wood is burning in the fireplace; conjuring up images of an intimate dinner in a cabin. How much cozier can you get?! The black and white vessel is clean and modern. You can place it anywhere and it will match any décor. Visually understated but the warm aroma can’t be ignored. Super classy, I love it! 

4. Casa Con Colonne Candle by Fornasetti Profumi 

Fragrance: Herbs, Woods, and Incense 

This candle’s vessel is absolutely gorgeous. It’s pure artwork. You won’t be throwing this one away once the candle is finished. Fornasetti candles never fail. This one has a strong woody aroma and the cedarwood carries throughout your home. It exudes all the winter vibes: from the black and white vessel to the other notes of thyme, lavender, and birch. You’re sure to imagine yourself in the woods with a fire blazing in the hearth. The cold throw is beautiful and the hot throw certainly delivers. An absolute delight. 

Warm, Woody Vibes and Winter Fragrances 

I specifically chose these candles because although each one gives that cozy vibe we’re after in the winter, they are quite different. Burning the same candle every day can get a little boring, so I love to mix it up. You could even burn different candles in different rooms at the same time. The Fornasetti candle in the living room and the Keith Haring candle on the opposite side of your home… they’ll blend somewhere in the middle for a unique fragrance (sweet and woody fragrances are a perfect pair). 

Candles definitely define what winter (and fall) are all about: cold, rainy, or snowy outside, warm and cozy inside. Enjoy!

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