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Breakfast in Brussels with Diptyque

Breakfast In Brussels

Imagine starting your day surrounded by the sophisticated aroma of Parisian coffee, enveloped in the soft glow of candlelight. Last week, I had the unique pleasure of experiencing just that at a special breakfast hosted by Senteurs d’Ailleurs at Seven, a chic coffee shop in Brussels. This delightful morning celebrated the launch of Diptyque’s limited edition Café Verlet collection, a collaborative effort with the iconic Café Verlet in Paris.

As soon as I stepped into Seven, the inviting glow of Diptyque candles and the rich aroma of coffee filled the air, perfectly complementing the morning’s breakfast offerings. The setting was sophisticated yet welcoming, with each table beautifully lit by candlelight and full of delicious food from Seven, enhancing the cozy atmosphere.

The Diptyque team was wonderfully engaging, sharing detailed insights into the collection’s origins and the careful craftsmanship behind each scent. Their enthusiasm added a personal and informative touch to the experience.

The star of the collection, for me, is the “Cafe” candle. I have always loved the aroma of coffee but never really found a candle that could replicate that authentic coffee house smell without becoming too sweet. Diptyque, however, has mastered it. The “Cafe” candle captures the true essence of freshly brewed coffee, balancing the robust aroma perfectly without any sugary afternotes. And its performance in terms of both hot throw and cold throw is simply impressive.

This breakfast was a delightful fusion of great food, engaging company, and exquisite scents, set in a chic environment. For those of you who love the scent of coffee, Café is a must-try, especially if you’re looking for a candle that truly embodies the essence of a fresh cup of coffee. Happy burning!

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