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Valentine’s Day Must-Haves

While many of us look forward to the romance inspired by Valentine’s Day each year, the saint who inspired this holiday is actually as romantic as the event itself! During the third century AD, marriage was made illegal for Roman soldiers—Emperor Claudius thought that having a spouse distracted his soldiers from their work. Believing wholeheartedly in the power of true love, legend has it that a priest named Valentine chose to secretly marry these couples despite the royal decree. When he was eventually caught and sentenced to death, the soon-to-be martyr penned a note to a friend’s daughter, famously signing it, “Love, Your Valentine.”

Now the patron saint of happy marriages and love, Saint Valentine is celebrated each February 14th when we offer tokens of our affection to crushes, lovers, and spouses alike. And what better way to show the apple of your eye how you feel than by offering a luxury candle that truly exudes the feeling of romance?

Whether spending your Valentine’s Day with a loved one or using the occasion as an excuse to pamper yourself (Oscar Wilde once said, “to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”), try one of my favorite romantic scents to set just the right mood. With the perfect fragrance burning, your spirits will be lifted, infusing you with an intense optimism for a future of enduring romance, regardless if you’ve been married for thirty years or just started dating someone new.

In celebration of my all-time favorite holiday (I LOVE love!), I offer these sensual and uplifting fragrances in no particular order:

Nest: Apricot Tea – Notes of apricot, black tea leaves, bergamot, and amber.

Cire Trudon: Josephine – Notes of roses, jasmine, camellias, and irises.

Diptyque: Rosa Mundi – Notes of Damask rose, May rose, currants, bergamot, lychee, and geranium.

The Estate Collection: Beverly Hills – Notes of grapefruit, green vines, passion Fruit.

Byredo: Loose Lips – Notes of rose, violet, Morello cherry, iris root, and rice powder.

Saint: Kavaldon – Top notes of pink grapefruit, grape leaf, cardamom, and French cassis.

Cocolux Australia: Island Fig, Cassis & Peach – Notes of fig, cassis, and peach infused in coconut.

Annick Goutal: Petite Chérie – Notes of peach, musky rose, and fresh-cut grass.

Astier de Villatte: Honolulu – Notes of white gardenia, Californian lemon, ylang-ylang, and vanilla.

Lafco: Duchess Peony – Notes of peony and camellia blossoms.

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