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Spring Favorites

As the snow melts away and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to unwrap some of my favorite spring candles. For me, springtime conjures up images of beautiful rose gardens, freshly cut fruit, and endless sunny days. My favorite spring fragrances capture these moments and embody the season’s rejuvenating aura. Here are some of the fragrances I’ll be burning all spring:

Baies by Diptyque

Wax Type: High quality vegetable/paraffin wax mix (60 Hours 6.5oz/184g)

Notes: Roses, blackcurrant leaves

Fragrance Strength: Strong

Room Recommendation: Living room

My Thoughts: When I blow out this candle, I feel as though the fragrance is amplified, lingering in the room like the scent of a lover’s cologne. For almost an hour after the flame has been extinguished, the vibrant fruity fragrance clings to the objects in my living room. Baies knows its worth, taking its time to disperse – it truly is Baies’s finest hour.


Citrus Blossom by Nest

Wax Type: Soy wax (50 hours 8.1oz/229g)

Notes: Mandarin orange and neroli blossom combined with coconut, white cedarwood and amber.

Fragrance Strength: Medium

Room Recommendation: Living room, Kitchen

My Thoughts: Fruity and woodsy all at once, Citrus Blossom reminds me of that first exhilarating moment when girl meets boy. Radiating a fresh scent of orange skins and cedarwood, this fragrance offers endless possibilities. I love burning this candle in my kitchen.


White Grapefruit by Lafco

Wax Type: Soy-blend wax (90 Hours 16oz/453g)

Notes: White grapefruit, musk, fern leaves

Fragrance Strength: Light

Room Recommendation: Living room, Office

My Thoughts: A light and fruity fragrance, White Grapefruit is a scrumptious candle that makes me feel that anything is possible. I like to burn this candle in the afternoons while I’m working to cultivate inspiration and creativity. The refreshing scent is light enough not to distract me but strong enough to stimulate my imagination. It’s like a soft rosé on a warm spring day.


Saijo Persimmon by Voluspa

Wax Type: Coconut wax blend (50 Hours 11oz/312g)

Notes: Japanese saijo persimmon, juicy peach and red currant

Fragrance Strength: Medium

Room Recommendation: Living room

My Thoughts: Every year around this time, Saijo Persimmon by Voluspa comes back in rotation. This candle offers a perfect blend of persimmon and red currant, making my living room feel warm and inviting. In Japanese, “saijo” means “best”, and I can’t think of a more appropriate name for this fragrance.


Skylight by Kai

Wax Type: Soy, palm and coconut wax (60 Hours 10oz/283g)

Notes: Gardenia wrapped in white exotics.

Fragrance Strength: Strong

Room Recommendation: Living room, Bedroom

My Thoughts: Every time I light this candle, I feel as though I’m walking into a garden filled with gardenias in bloom. Skylight is my favorite gardenia scent because it captures this experience exactly and makes me feel at one with nature. The fragrance is strong but pure, a wonderful alternative or complement to a fresh bouquet. Kai nailed it!



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    April 22, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    Wow!!!!! I love the way you describe the frangrences! Need to burn one now!

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