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Well-Rounded: Incorporating Candles Into Your Routine

Incorporating candles into your self-care routine can be a great way to promote relaxation, revive the senses, and create a calming atmosphere. Candles can bring a sense of comfort and peace, while also providing a beautiful touch to any room in your home. In this post, I’ll discuss tips for making the most out of candle and how it can help you to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Tips for Utilizing Candles During Self-Care Routine
  • Find the Right Scent – When incorporating candles into your self-care or wellness routine be sure to choose the right scent that appeals to you the most. Many people find that certain scents are more relaxing than others. Choose lighter scents like lavender or jasmine which can offer calming effects when lit in the room as compared to more energizing scents such as peppermint or citrus fruits which help stimulate creativity and focus.
  • Set an Ambiance – For me creating an ambiance through candlelight is essential for relaxation. I recommend you try lighting one or two large pillar candles to fill up the room with soft light instead of harsh overhead lighting that may make it harder to relax properly. Place one candle near where you will be sitting or lying down so that you will have direct access to its calming effects while focusing on relaxing activities like meditation or reading a book before bedtime.
  • Slow Down – Take it slow when bringing in candles into your self-care routine as they should not take center stage in the moment but rather serve as an enhancement during certain restful activities, such as a yoga session or quiet time alone. And avoid having immediate distraction sources nearby such as phones or computers which could disrupt relaxation.

Incorporating candles into your wellness regimen can be a great way to promote relaxation in between activities throughout the day while also offering various benefits. Keep these tips in mind during your self-care so that you can reap all the rewards.

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