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FORMAT: Tea Lights

If you’ve ever looked for candles at a super store, you may have noticed that they all look similar, generally with the same cylindrical form and single wick. While there is nothing wrong at all with having a few of these laying around, having a wide variety in the shape and size of your candles can add quite a bit of flavor to your home while contributing greatly to each room’s theme.

In this series, I explain some of the more popular sizes and shapes that candles come in, from those shaped like your favorite items to large floor candles and candles with multiple wicks.

Tea Lights

These tiny candles have become quite popular in restaurants lately, as they add a bit of style to a table without producing too bright of a light. As a standard form, these candles are nearly always 1.5 inch in diameter, smaller than the average adult pinky. While they come in a variety of colors and scents, tea lights are usually placed in food warmers or votive holders; their name actually comes from their traditional use in teapot warmers. As restaurants have learned, they also can be great additions to centerpieces.


Where to buy: Hobby Lobby

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