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Fall Décor Color Guide: Transition From Summer to Fall

Fall, the season of vibrant foliage, warm drinks, and cozy atmospheres. As the leaves change outside, many of us feel inspired to transition our homes to reflect the beauty of the season. This year, I’m stepping slightly away from traditional autumnal hues and embracing a palette that’s uniquely refreshing yet harmoniously in tune with the season: plum haze, moss green, pastel orange, and a touch of beige.

Why This Palette?

1. Plum Haze: A Soft Touch

Plum Haze is a subtle nod to the deeper, richer colors associated with autumn. It evokes the feeling of twilight – a transition phase. Pairing it with more traditional fall colors brings out its soft and gentle hue, making the surroundings feel warm and welcoming.

2. Moss Green: Nature’s Neutral

Moss green is a reminder of the evergreen aspect of nature. While many leaves change and fall, some elements of nature remain constant. This color brings depth to the palette and offers a refreshing counterbalance to warmer tones.

3. Pastel Orange: A Hint Tradition

While autumn is often associated with bold oranges, opting for a pastel shade gives a modern twist. It captures the essence of fall leaves without overwhelming the senses, allowing for greater flexibility in blending with other colors.

4. Beige: The Perfect Bridge

Beige acts as the bridge, the harmonizing factor. It complements both the understated elegance of light plum and the earthy richness of moss green. It’s the neutral backdrop that gives the other colors room to shine.

Transitioning to Fall with Ease

These colors, while beautiful on their own, are also incredibly versatile. They play well with other colors, especially deeper, richer ones. As we progress through the season and approach winter, I anticipate seamlessly integrating deeper purples, more vibrant oranges, and even some golden yellows. The beauty lies in the flexibility.

The quickest and most effective way to incorporate these shades into your home decor is through accent pieces:

  • Candles: Imagine a cluster of plum and orange colored candles on a tray, surrounded by green foliage. The soft glow from the candles will enhance the colors, creating a soothing ambiance.
  • Pillows and Blankets: A beige couch adorned with plum and moss green pillows, with a pastel orange throw casually draped, can instantly change the room’s feel.
  • Plants: Both dried and living plants can be a game-changer. Plants in beige or plum pots, or dried orange flowers, can introduce a natural element that binds the entire palette together.

Embracing the change of seasons doesn’t mean you have to be limited to traditional colors. It’s all about finding a blend that speaks to you, and this year, it’s plum haze, moss green, pastel orange, and a hint beige for me. Here’s to a season of warmth, beauty, and colors that fill our homes with joy!

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