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Florals & Fragrances: Pairing Fresh Flowers and Candles

Springtime brings to mind beautiful bright colors and scents. What better way to showcase this season of renewal than by pairing fresh flowers and candles? 

Even if your dinner party is just for two, there’s no reason not to fancy things up a little for your stay-at-home meal. Instead of a traditional floral centerpiece, consider adding some chic candles to your feature. Here are a few easy tips for creating an unforgettable floral-candle combo. 

Pairing Fresh Flowers and Candles in 3 Easy Steps

1. Keep it Simple 

If you’re unsure how to get started, simply pick your favorite flower and choose a candle with the same floral note and/or matching color vessel. For example, if you decide to go with a display of pink roses, Carriere Freres’ La Rose Aime La Menthe Candle would not only match the scent given off by the roses, but its simple yet elegant packaging—featuring pink roses no less—would complement the display visually as well. 

If your tastes are more understated, your floral display could be as simple as green leaves woven between your candles. This way, the aroma given off by the candle would be the star of the show. Sometimes less is more—no need to overcomplicate things.

2. Choose Complementary Scents

If you’re feeling a little more confident, step things up a notch. Some fragrances naturally pair well together while others are more of a “personal taste thing.” One of my favorite luxury candle brands is Victoria Cator. Her candles are super chic with a simple yet sophisticated teal packaging bound to match any floral arrangement you pick. From spring to summer, I’d recommend pairing the bright, sweet, citrusy scent of her L’Orangerie candle with pink jasmine flowers. The two scents will complement each other well and the contrast in colors will stand out perfectly. 

3. Get Creative 

This is where things get really fun! I love the fact that candles present so many options for creativity, from scents, to designs, to décor. When pairing fresh flowers and candles the options really are limitless, so here are a few tips to get your creative juices flowing. 

Opposites Attract: Encourage conversation by using low floral centerpieces. Throw in a few tall candles for a soft glow that won’t interrupt conversation. 

Accessorize: “Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” – Michael Kors. The same goes when pairing fresh flowers and candles. Don’t be afraid to incorporate lanterns, candlesticks, glass vessels, sparkles, or anything else that inspires you into your arrangements. Just make sure it all blends together harmoniously. 

Fresh Flowers and Candles: The Perfect Union

Combining fresh flowers and candles presents an opportunity to set the right mood for your space. Whether you decide to keep things simple, go all out, or find a happy medium, it’s up to you. Don’t be afraid to get creative and inject your personality into your arrangements. And when you find inspiration, be sure to share your creation with the Well Boxed community by tagging @wellboxed on Instagram! 

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