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A Night of Luxury at the Mandarin Oriental Paris

I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite cities in the world: the beautiful city of light that is Paris. The heart of French fashion, arts—and, yes, candle culture—Paris is home to such fabulous brands as Diptyque. If you ever have the chance, I can’t recommend anything more tantalizing to the senses than walking past shops and taking in the mingled scent of French parfume, fresh coffee and croissants, and deliciously inspired candle fragrances. During my stay in…

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Home Fragrance Trend Watch: Scenting Events

One of the things I love most about the home fragrance industry is its innovation—there’s always something new popping up that a brilliant mind in the luxury fragrance scene dreamed up. How amazing is that?! And that’s just what happened with the latest trend of scenting events. What, you ask, is a scenting event? It simply means an event in which home fragrance is used in some form to help set the perfect atmosphere. As I’ve mentioned before, fragrance has…

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