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Amanda de Montal: Memoria Infantia

Burn Time: 55-60 hours

Throw: Medium

Notes: Caramel, vanilla, cinnamon

Room Recommendation: Living room, kitchen, and office

It’s that time again, time for me to share with you my newest candle crush – Memoria Infantia by Amanda de Montal. I’ve been lighting this little gem every night for the past week, and honestly, it’s been absolutely delightful!

The design of this candle really catches the eye. It has a sleek, modern square shape with just a touch of texture, making it a great addition to any space in your home. But what really sets it apart is its amazing scent.

Picture this: the warm scent of cinnamon, the irresistibly sweet hint of caramel, and the smooth, comforting essence of vanilla, all blending together seamlessly. It’s like stepping into a charming little bakery on a cool morning. The cinnamon brings this cozy warmth that’s just spot-on, never too intense. The caramel contributes a rich, buttery sweetness that’s just right – not too sugary nor overpowering, providing a deeply relaxing experience. Lastly, the vanilla ties everything together beautifully, creating an atmosphere that’s both calming and inviting.

I’m no stranger to Amanda de Montal candles, they always impress me with their fragrance and throw. Memoria Infantia is another hit in this aspect. Whether I’m sitting in front of the computer or running around the house, the scent of this candle is a constant, enhancing the ambiance without being too dominant.

So, if you’re in search of a candle that not only smells amazing but also adds a touch comfort to your space, Memoria Infantia is your answer. It’s not just a candle; it’s a mood enhancer, an atmosphere transformer – a true sensory delight. Take it from me, give it a try, and you might just find yourself falling for it too!

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