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My top 5 favorite Kai products to travel with

I’m currently doing an extended stay in the beautiful country of Sweden. I’ve actually been here a few months, and it’s been such a magnificent experience so far. I’ve really fallen in love with the architecture, the people, and the way of life here. Swedes have this low-key lifestyle that prioritizes a work-life balance. You sort of work when you can and then spend the rest of your time relaxing and enjoying your time with friends and family. They have…

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Candle Care 101

I love a high-quality, finely scented luxury candle as much as the next person (okay, probably more). Sure, they can be a bit of an investment, particularly if you love burning them in every room of your house – like I do! I like to think of luxury candles as an investment in your well-being. As with any good investment, you want to make sure it’s long lasting.  Enter candle care and candle maintenance – so easy to forget, but…

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Women Supporting Women: Galentine’s Day 2020 Done Right

“Who run the world? Girls.”- Beyoncé   Running the world isn’t easy, so when Galentine’s Day 2020 – the most sacred of holidays – comes around, it feels like a crime not to gather up a few girlfriends and celebrate together.  Every gal and her group of friends is unique. So the way you celebrate is up to you. Whether you decide to keep it simple with a pajama party and girl talk, or go paint the town red, it’s…

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