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Styling Your Dinner Table With Pillar Candles

Simple and elegant, pillar candles are one of the most common types of candle. They’re sold without vessels, meaning that the wax itself is formed into a gorgeous and simple cylindrical shape. I love to use these candles to add a rustic element, particularly when putting together a unique table setting that blends elements of old and new.

My favorite table settings tend to remind me of the European countryside, drawing upon a mix of items both simple and complex. In this table arrangement, you’ll note that I brought in some minimalist and classic elements, including a wooden cheese board, a white table, and these unassuming pillar candles. These items feel so exquisitely timeless—the decorative equivalent of the little black dress.

Then, just as I would style a little black dress, I added in some fancier, contemporary elements. For this table, I chose to use bright and playful LOVE plates from the Lionel Richie Home collection, which work well to complement the discrete beauty of the pillars. I also brought in some delicious and colorful foods to add some texture—and flavor—to the design.

Lastly, I brought in my own personal touch—fragrance. While you can’t tell from the pictures, these pillar candles represent some of my favorite scents. One of the really fabulous things about using these white pillars is that, no matter how vibrant the fragrances, the colors themselves are sure to match anything—after all, there’s just a single shade to complement!

The great thing about pillar candles is that they’re not only available in a wide range of colors and scents, but they come in a variety of sizes, and some even have two or three wicks. That means you’re sure to find the perfect pillar to match the theme of your table setting.

I finished off my setting by placing sweet little cacti around the table to incorporate some additional character. As someone who lives in the Southwest, I simply cannot get enough of these adorable succulents! They are so easy to maintain and they add a fun sense of the outdoors to my dining room.

To create a timeless yet modern table setting, I recommend blending these three elements: (1) some simple, classic pieces, like pillar candles and mason jars; (2) items that are complex and colorful, such as bouquets, vivid candles, and vibrant chinaware; and (3) that special touch to add a bit of you to the design.

Bring some of your own fabulousness to your design and wait for the compliments to roll in!

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