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Spring Favorites: 5 Must-Have Floral-Scented Candles

Spring is here and nothing says spring quite like florals. Not only are they fragrant but they’re visually stimulating too. They offer variety and do an amazing job of uplifting your mood. What’s the next best thing to a fresh bouquet? Floral-scented candles! To kickoff the season I’ve compiled my list of this year’s 5 must-have floral-scented candles. Plus promo codes! Floral-Scented Candles: Spring Must-Haves  1. Lys Magicus by Amanda de Montal  Lys Magicus embodies floral – I love it!…

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Luxury Candles Inspired by Classic Seductresses: Part I

Is it just me, or does that sexy, irresistible seductress from your favorite film or novel often get a bad rap? After all, is it really her fault that she’s so charming, so witty, and so beautiful as to make men trip over themselves trying to win her praise? Inspired by some of the most famous women from history and literature, candle makers have even crafted idyllic fragrances in their honor, penning their own “love poems” to these unforgettable women…

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