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Florals & Fragrances: In Bloom

Fresh florals accompanied by the beautiful aroma of In Bloom by @georgeandedi. Normally during this time of the year I spend my days hoarding flowers from every supermarket I visit (to be honest I do that all year long), but this year has been a little different. Due to the quarantine I’ve been going out a lot less and trying to make the best of what I have. I’ve been pairing a few fresh flowers with floral scented candles to amplify…

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Valentine’s Day: Floral Arrangements + Candles

There are as many varieties of women (and men!) as there are flowers in the world, so why not pick a more unique flower for your love this Valentine’s Day? And what better way to keep the feeling going all year long than with a luxury candle to prolong the heady fragrance of your bouquet? To keep my celebration of Valentine’s season going, I’ve designed four gorgeous bouquets featuring some of the more romantic, meaningful, and fragrant flowers out there,…

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