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Creating a Cozy Vibe with Essential Oils

As we nestle into our favorite corners of our homes, seeking warmth and comfort, I’m excited to share with you a little secret of mine for creating that perfect cozy vibe. And as usual it’s all about the power of scent! Essential oils, with their natural and soothing aromas, can transform your space into a snug sanctuary. So, grab your diffuser, and let’s explore five essential oil blends that I absolutely adore for crafting a cozy atmosphere. 1. Warm Embrace…

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Fall Table Setting: Harvest Hues

Every fall, as the world around us transforms into a tapestry of golden hues and crisp air, I find myself reminiscing about moments spent around the dining table. The clinking of glasses, shared laughter, and stories about the “good old days”. It’s in these moments that the table becomes more than just furniture; it’s a canvas of memories. And what better way to honor those moments than by curating a table setting that embodies the essence of this season? Join…

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Top 10 Candle Scents For Fall

Fall is here! And with it comes the comforting embrace of sweater weather, pumpkin-spiced everything, and of course, more candles!! As the leaves change and the days get shorter, there’s nothing quite like lighting a candle to set the mood. To get you ready for this season I’ve put together a list of my top 10 must-have candle scents for fall. Let’s get cozy! Celebrate the arrival of fall by filling your space with these captivating scents. Whether you’re seeking…

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Fall Décor: Transition From Summer to Fall

Season’s Greetings! Fall is here! It’s truly my favorite time of the year! It’s cozy, cool, and all about the candles! To celebrate, here are three quick and easy tips to help you transition your home from summer to fall. Pumpkins: I think it’s safe to say that pumpkin anything is the unofficial/official sign of fall. Am I right? Whether it’s fresh, flavored, or scented, as soon as we see it, taste it, or smell it we know what time of…

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Fall is in the Air: Autumn Scents

My regular readers will know that I absolutely LOVE autumn. It’s the perfect time of year to start pulling out gorgeous layer items, enjoy delicious pumpkin spice lattes, and spend time with the family over the holidays. Every year, I celebrate fall by pulling out some truly delectable autumn-scented candles. Fall is my favorite season, which should make it no surprise that many of my favorite candles are also essential this time of year. I especially find myself burning autumn…

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Kicking Off Candle Season with Vintage Matches!

Candle season is upon us, and I’m declaring today its official kickoff: October 1! While others might be carefully planning their Halloween costumes and holiday plans right now, those of us in the candle industry are ramping up for the biggest sales season of the year! Did you know that over 35% of candle sales occur in the fall months leading up to the holidays? This means that us candle aficionados are in for lots of delightful new home fragrance…

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Cool Nights

I can’t believe fall is here already! The days seem to go by more and more quickly, growing shorter as winter nears. Autumn is my favorite time of the year—I love it when the temperature drops to that perfect “sweater weather” and I can start pulling out my overcoats, faux furs, and ankle boots (a.k.a. my fall staples!). When it comes to luxury candles, there are a few other autumn staples I can’t live without: oud, amber, cinnamon, pumpkin, and…

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