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March Madness: Elite 8

March Madness, Well Boxed Style is back! I know you’ve all probably been dying to see the results of the Sweet 16 luxury candle matchup (Missed my last post? Read all about my version of March Madness here!). I have to say, even I was surprised by some of the results, but in the end it all came down to fragrance—the candle with the hot and cold throw that best embodied the essence of spring was the winner in each face-off.

Let’s take a look at the results of the first matchup and see who made it to the Elite 8…

Cactus < White Camellia

White Camellia is the freshman top performer that surprised everyone on its overwhelmingly successful first season! This fragrance was just released a few weeks ago, but it’s climbing up my list of favorites faster than you can say NEST! There’s just something about its notes of white camellia and Indonesian Jasmine that has me mesmerized. Even though Cactus’s watery notes gave it some good competition, the new kid on the block still came out on top.

Harper > Jasmin De Grasse

I love Harper’s notes of green jasmine, it’s such a fresh springtime scent. One of Kavaldon’s top performers, Harper has a slightly stronger throw than Jasmin De Grasse—which gave it the extra edge that pushed it over the top this round.

Casablanca > Gardner

Both of these candles have amazing hot and cold throws. Gardner has notes that are subtly greener—with hints of tomato vines and honeysuckle, it’s beautiful on a warm afternoon. But there was just something about Victoria Cator’s Casablanca: every time I pass by it, I’m hit with a heady bouquet of Jasmine, lily, and tuberose—a winning combination. It’s a wonderful spring treat!

Swiss Alps < Samphire

Swiss Alps is a little warmer and sweeter and I love burning it for a hint of European indulgence. But when it comes to spring, I can’t deny Samphire’s dominance. As soon as I light Samphire by Laboratory Perfumes, I feel like I’ve been transported to an English garden. It’s beautiful and unique fragrance that sets it apart from the competition.

Tranquillity > Rose

This match was tough because it was between two players (flowers) that are at the top of their game—and among my favorites—lavender and rose. After hours of in-depth analysis, Neom’s Tranquillity won in overtime thanks to its natural elements and amazing throw.

Hope for Courage < Skylight

Skylight came out on top in this round because it does such a good job of capturing gardenia’s lovely scent. This bestselling Kai fragrance is my go-to candle when I need my gardenia fix—its strong throw makes it tough to beat. Hope for Courage is a little warmer, with the woodier notes releasing more strongly the longer it burns—it’s a beautiful scent for cooler months.

Wild Frangipani < Paper Pink

Wild Frangipani is an exquisite candle with one of the best-looking vessels out there and and a fragrance that’s just as lovely. Its scent is a little warmer and heavier than Paper Pink, so I find myself burning it more often on cooler nights. ROADS’ Paper Pink captures the freshness of a spring romance beautifully—making it the clear winner for the spring season. It’s sweet and powdery, and I especially love how its notes of rose dance across the room ever so lightly.

Wild Tomato Vine < Balmoral

Wild Tomato Vine smells like fresh cut grass, and it’s been in heavy rotation lately as the weather has been warming up. But there’s just something about Balmoral’s complex notes that made it come out on top in this matchup. One of Cire Trudon’s many enigmatic scents, Balmoral is mossy and sweet all at the same time—evoking images of a springtime picnic alongside a babbling brook.

The Final Four is Around the Corner!

The luxury candle spring tournament is in full swing, and The Final Four will be announced shortly. We may be a couple days behind the NCAA, but what’s wrong with prolonging a little friendly competition?! I can’t wait to share the top-seeded candles with you in anticipation of the championship match!

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