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Bella Freud Signature

Bella Freud Signature

Wax Type: Soy

Burn Time: 40 hours

Throw: Strong

Notes: Oud and cedarwood

Room Recommendation: Living Room

Price: $65.00

Bella Freud’s Signature fragrance is at once deeply masculine and warm and comforting. With notes of smoky incense and the woodsy oud of the Assamese agar tree, Signature makes me feel like I am in the presence of a sophisticated man.

Exuding an even burn, this candle’s rich scent lingers for hours, leaving a warm embrace long after it’s extinguished. I love to light it in the living room on cool nights—it’s the perfect scent for enjoying a cozy evening at home. This candle really puts me in a wistful mood.

The sophisticated black and white box and vessel give off a really classic feel, while the perfectly-imperfect label adds just the right hint of quirkiness. I adore the contemporary feel of the brand. Bella Freud is a fantastic designer who, like her psychoanalyst forebear, really knows how to get in a girl’s head. I love all of her work and strongly recommend her Signature scent.

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